Our COVID-19 saftey plan allows us to see unvaccinated clients. 
Clients who have recieved their COVID-19 vaccinations, please present your certificate to our admin staff.
Social distancing
  1. Only clients at a time permitted in the clinic
  2. Only 3 staff at a time permitted in the in the clinic.
  3. Telehealth appointments available
Vulnerable clients 
  1. Telehealth appointments are available
  2. If a clinic appointment is essential during a lock down the clinic provides the client and staff with Personal Protective Equipment
Restricted entry to Hove clinic
On arrival clients complete the following screening measures:
  1. No symptoms of cough, shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms unless a negative PCR result is presented
  2. No interstate or overseas travel within previous 14 days to HOT SPOTS that have been posted on SA Health website
  3. No close contact with persons known or suspected to have COVID-19
  4.  “Covid Safe Check In” is required
  5. Masks will be required unless a Medical Exemption Certificate is presented
Hand hygiene
  1. Reception staff provide clients with hand sanitizer to use on arrival 
  2. All staff complete hand hygiene after every contact with the client
  3. Physio staff provide clients with hand sanitizer to use after their consult.
  4. Reception staff provide clients with hand sanitizer to use after they have used the Hicaps machine.
Surface cleaning
  1. A full surface clean of the clinic is completed at the beginning and the end of every consulting day
  2. A surface clean of the bathroom facility is completed after every use
  3. A surface clean of the consulting space is completed after every client
Financial hardship 
We understand that the financial impact of COVID-19 is not only being felt by our clinic but also that some of our clients will be struggling with loss of income. Our Practice Manager has instituted the following strategies for mutual benefit:
  1. On request, we will Reduce the gap payments on Private and Medicare consultations for a limited number of appointments
  2. Deferred payment plans